Uno non può pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene.
(Virginia Woolf)

Our products are genuine and constantly monitored

The production and processing of our food takes place in controlled environments and with maximum care so that we can bring health and hygiene guarantee a genuine and healthy product.

Scorza di Cannolo 

The cannoli is prepared with simple ingredients like sugar lard flour and eggs.
The cannoli takes on a lumpy and uneven due to the cooking stage, in fact, the wafer is then rolled in a barrel and then immersed in hot oil until it is golden brown so as to be beautiful crisp.
You just have to add ricotta and candied fruit. We have them as well so you can not only decorate your cannoli as do our pastry chefs but , very importantly , through RealFoodSicily you can taste the essence as if you were in Sicily.

Crema di Ricotta

Our Sheep Ricotta is mixed with 38% of sugar and subsequently refined by adding a pinch of salt.
Immediately ready with cloud effect for the preparation of your cassata and cannoli and all those cakes and pies that comes to your mind.
Our Pastry Master recommend to add a quantity equal to 8% of chocolate drops after that to have a fresh and ready in a few moments cannoli , all you'll have to do is fill and decorate them to your liking.
Obviously also we recommend our peel of cannoli to be combined to perfection, a blend of flavor and crispness without equal. ; )