Mangiare, è incorporare un territorio.
(Jean Brunhes)

Our products are genuine and constantly monitored

The production and processing of our food takes place in controlled environments and with maximum care so that we can bring health and hygiene guarantee a genuine and healthy product.

Farina di Ceci 

The Panella are made with chickpea flour, water and parsley.
Simple, wholesome ingredients that amalgamated become a typical Sicilian light and pleasantly flavorful dish . Thanks to its versatility the panella can be enjoyed with the addition of salt, pepper and a little lemon squeezed as usual or without adding anything and in any case according to your liking.
RealFoodSicily have the pleasure and the honor to bring to your table the '' REAL '' Panella made with flour of chickpeas by stone milling.

Cacio Cavallo

The Sicilian Pecorino (PICURINU) is a white semi-hard cheese with a strong flavor, unique and recognized as one of the best cheeses in ITALY and in the world.
The Sicilian cheese is made exclusively from raw sheep milk to which is added the curdle in a wooden vat later ''Incanestrato'' and finally salty.
The Pecorino characteristics changes according to its seasoning:
the TUMA (a few days of production) - the FIRST SALT (after 15 days) - the SEMI SEASONED (30-60 days) - the SEASONED (90-120 days)


The Sicilian provola together with pecorino is one of the oldest cheeses of Sicily.
It is produced using traditional techniques and spinning by hand to model it in the typical pear shape with tapered head.
The crust of Sicilian provola is thin, smooth, amber-yellow.
The compact paste is pale yellow in color, its pleasant smell and taste sweet and delicate.